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Black Currant Soufflé

Magnum Opus x (Greaseball x Silly Putty)

About Black Currant Soufflé

Our Black Currant Soufflé shares some solid parent strains. It yields a super black to dark purple, heavy indica. It is short, stubby, and bushy leaves are robust; a sign of solid genetics. This strain is characterized by a variety of pleasant smells and flavors.


As our head of genetics notes, Black Currant Souffle is reminiscent of a cherry potpourri. “Think musky, burnt toast or rubber, mixed with a floral, citrus taste”. We also can’t overstate that it’s one million percent an indica. This lovely souffle of earthy and fruity notes will send you to ultimate relaxation.


Magnum Opus is one of this awesome cut’s parent strains. These rare genetics have a history steeped in cannabis culture. It’s more a relic of “counterculture to new, hot strains.” says our head geneticist. He feels strains like this are important in maintaining “old world” genetics. He cites the obligation of contemporary breeders to carry the torch, and Bread is happy to do our part with Black Currant Souffle.

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While lower potency, this parent strain is perfect for those seeking the mellow effect. It offers users a milder experience. 


To dial up the indica, we cross Magnum Opus with our Greaseball and Silly Putty Strains. These master genetics help take our Black Currant Souffle to the next level! 


At Bread Genetics, cannabis is more than a profession. It’s an art; a lifestyle; its own movement. Cannabis should never be an afterthought. Don’t settle for strains that are more filler than fulfilling. Every indulgence should be an experience.

Think of it like music.


 Bread Genetics are not the elevator music of cannabis. Instead, we’re like a perfectly crafted playlist of your favorite songs. Our premium genetics give you the same feeling you get when you put on that perfect mood-setting song. Why would you settle for some run-of-the-mill sound, or cannabis strain for that matter, when something better is out there waiting. You wouldn’t. 


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