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Blue Dream 2016

Blueberry x Haze

About Blue Dream 2016

We know, we know. Blue Dream isn’t the top pick for most connoisseurs. It may not be the strain people are looking for, but it’s the one we feel they need. And, when it comes to this special, 2016 variation of the cut, we can’t stop gushing.


It packs all those sativa properties that we know and love into its punch. If you want a more brainy high, look no further! Its delectable berry flavor will make you question why anyone ever doubted this classic strain. This profile no doubt comes from its fruit-flavored parent genetics. Learn more below.

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Parent Genetics



First, it may surprise you to know that one parent genetic of Blue Dream 2016 is actually an indica. Blueberry is like a delicious sedative that works overtime to ramp up the good vibes. It’s colorful, tasty, and has a pretty high THC content. All things to be enjoyed regardless of how often you may indulge.


Haze, on the other hand, makes Blue Dream 2016’s sativa leanings more understandable. It ramps up your energy, imagination, and more in the best ways possible. Its citrusy musk is also passed down to its offspring, making for a truly awesome experience.


Bringing together Blueberry and Haze give us Blue Dream 2016, and you won’t regret giving it another try.


Fixing the oldies

As we alluded to earlier, Blue Dream tends to get a bad rap. But, much of that dissension came at a time when cannabis was still working out the kinks. At Bread Genetics, we’ve toiled away, transforming this very strain into something special.  Ready to give it a try? What about the rest of our high-quality inventory? Did you know we can even customize a strain just for you? For all this, and more, contact us today.

Let Bread Genetics get you one step closer to quality cannabis genetics.

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