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Blueberry Fun Dipz

Blueberry Muffins x Secret Mintz

About Blueberry Fun Dipz

Blueberry Fun Dipz is a unique strain that goes heavy on the blueberry, with hints of gas. According to our Head of Genetics, it’s almost like a creamy take on wedding cake. While sweet, these dips are anything but a dot. It’s a heavy indica full of short colas when it comes to harvest time.


These genetics incorporate a clear, distilled, fortified blueberry cream. It’s almost like a blueberry-heavy whipping cream or a blueberry-infused mascarpone cheese over gourmet biscuits. This isn’t like any cannabis you’ve ever experienced. Learn more about what went into its genetic make up below.

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Parent Genetics

This strain shares a striking similarity to Blueberry Crepes. That’s because it also gets part of its heritage from Blueberry Muffins. The Blueberry x Purple Panty Dropper x Razzleberry combo provides the perfect hybrid. Its fat, semi-dense colas are covered with a red-tint, yellow, and purplish hue.

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Unlike Blueberry Crepes, though, it doesn’t rely on our Greaseball and Silly Putty mix. Instead, Secret Mintz gets co-billing. Its balanced nature makes for a unique cross culture of dead-even hybrids. 


Have you ever gone to a dispensary and spent top dollar for a strain that disappointed you? In our book, that’s sacrilege. There’s never a time when top of the line should mean something other than just that. Not only does it cost the consumer a solid experience, it costs you a potential loyal supporter.

At Bread Genetics, you’ll never have to worry about poor genetics.


We’re not here to cut corners or make a quick buck. We encourage innovation from all participants to advance the world of cannabis. Ready to get the conversation started about what to do next? Reach out to us today!