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Forbidden Doughnutz

Forbidden Runtz x (Greaseball x Silly Putty)

About Forbidden Doughnutz

Like a bakery, our Forbidden Doughnutz involves a variety of flavors. It’s a cross between some pretty robust strains, with the resulting effect being a soothing, heavy indica. The plants are short in appearance, with bushy and stocky features. Its flavor is also quite intriguing.


Our Forbidden Doughnutz boasts a pungent, familiar profile. Remember those candies that come in Pez dispensers? Think chalky, but pleasant bites of licorice. It doesn’t compromise on quality, either. It presents a full-bodied, mouthwatering flavor, complete with a lingering aftertaste. This kind of cannabis is meant for savoring.

Forrbidden Donutz

Parent Genetics

Forbidden Runtz is a strain known for being a heavy Indica. Forbidden Zkittlez, however, lands on the other side of the spectrum as a dominant Sativa. The pair also share some pretty unique parent strains themselves. Put them together, and you get the masterpiece of genetics known as Forbidden Runtz, one parent of Forbidden Doughnutz! This strain is known for high yields. Smells and tastes of candy-coated gasoline make it a flavorful experience. 

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We then reinforce the indica side of this strain’s heritage with our recurring acts Greaseball and Silly Putty. This gives the strain and subsequent experience you’ll have using it more character. Things are slowed down to fully appreciate the creativity it inspires. 


Why Choose us?

At Bread Genetics, we don’t follow the trend. Rather, we follow our creativity. We see it as a privilege to get creative with cannabis. The process is fulfilling, healing, and most importantly, it’s fun.

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