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Forbidden Pop Rox

Forbidden Runtz x Secret Mintz

About Forbidden Pop Roxz

Remember those days from your childhood that were full of sweet treats? More specifically, think of your first time trying an iconic candy. Ring pops, sweet tarts, any of the chocolates, so on and so forth. There’s an endless amount of options that could have caught your attention in a given moment. Nearing the top of this list for many is the classic, Pop Rocks.


With our Forbidden Pop Roxz, you can be as happy as a kid in a candy store. This delicate plant is a medium yielder that’s taller and more elegant. As far as color, it’s as if someone dumped a pack of purple skittles into the mix. It’s a creamy gas reminiscent of wedding cake or gelato. It’s like a pez or chalk candy flavored milkshake dipped in race fuel.

Parent Genetics

This is the second strain on our list to incorporate Forbidden Runtz genetics. The Runtz x Forbidden Zkittlez cross is a worthy addition to the Forbidden family. Its plum purple color pairs with an even candy and gas profile.

This parent strain is also a thorough hybrid itself. This comes from the heavy indica of the Runtz, with a mix of sativa hybrids from the Forbidden Zkittlez.

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This time, the Forbidden genetics are matched with Secret Mintz. Secret Mintz pulls in that indica effect, with sativa acting as a supporting side kick. It’s gassy, but it’s also fairly subtle given the scenario. The final experience is pretty great. They are the perfect genetics for the close of the day. 


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