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Lavender Lady Fingers

Waiting Game x (Greaseball x Silly Putty)

About Lavender Lady Fingers

Lavender Lady Fingers (LLF) is a sight to see at harvest. It has long, tall, elegant colas. It classifies as a sativa-leaning hybrid. This is yet another strain that won’t leave you couch-locked. Instead, it promotes creativity, among other active traits.

The scent is especially attractive. You get a purple, lavender smell blended with a confectionary aroma. “It’s like an herbal, lavender, sugar coated flower,” says our Head Geneticist. Its profile puts you in the mind of fruity pebbles. 

Its super-purple look is tempered with earthy tones to balance things out. Think of a “terracotta flower pot full of candy buds,” according to our Head Geneticist, who paints a vivid picture. 

Welcome to the future of cannabis.

Parent Genetics

Like all of our strains, LLF has quite the parental heritage. First, is a Miracle Alien Cookies (MAC) and Fruity Pebbles OG cross known as Waiting Game. This is top-tier cannabis. Its profile is herbal, with overwhelming notes of candy and berry. It’s a rare cut that offers a one-of-a-kind experience. 


We pair this with our usual suspects, Greaseball and Silly Putty. Something about their musky, coma-inducing profiles makes them the perfect add on. They are both dependable go-to’s for a wonderful infusion of indica. The result is yet another in a line of world-class strains offered by Bread Genetics.


As you’ve likely already guessed, at Bread Genetics, we take cannabis seriously. We aren’t in this for shortcuts or a quick turnaround. Cannabis isn’t just a community to us. It’s a culture.

Each cannabis strain we create receives our utmost care and attention.


We’ve taken the time to grow and evolve with this industry while honing our approach. Regardless of the genetics you choose, you can trust you’re getting the best on the market. Contact us today to learn more!

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