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Peruvian Puckers

Pervuian Landrace x Grapefruit x Ninja Fruit

About Peruvian Puckers

Peruvian Puckers gets its name in earnest. It’s a beautifully sour mix with overwhelming notes of fruit building towards the genetic. It also pack a finicky, sativa-like look, with impressive terpenes, trichomes, and an incredible genetic heritage to boot. Bread Genetics could not pass up the opportunity to stabilize and reinforce this rare geographical strain.


The sad part is, strains like Peruvian Puckers are constantly being exterminated. It’s a shame because in truth, it has so much potential for greatness. Keeping strains like this in our inventory is one of the many reasons that Bread stays ahead of the rest.

Peruvian Puckers

As stated, Peruvian Puckers carries with it a pretty solid genetic history. It leads with a strong foundation of Peruvian Landrace, a sharp cut with origins tracing back to the mountains of Peru. It’s then crossed with an electrifying cut of Grapefruit. This piles on those trademark fruity, sour notes.

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Last, there’s a well balanced blend of Grapefruit Haze and Grape Ape added to the mix. The combination is referred to as Ninja Fruit. As you can see, these parents double down on the grapefruit theme. It sports a nice blend of THC and CBD for those seeking a less intensive experience.


When securing the right strain, you’ll want an expert’s touch. At Bread Genetics, our team has a wealth of expertise in the cannabis space. We know the ins and and outs, and bring that understanding into every project. We’re your one stop shop for best-in-class genetics.

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