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Sundae Strudel

Sundae Driver x (Greaseball x Silly Putty)

About Sundae Strudel

Sundae Strudel is easy to spot at harvest. Just look for the BIG-ass, rounded, top colas. Like super-colorful tennis balls, with layers of red, yellow, purple, and orange buds, it’s art in plant form. The best part is, that’s only the start. Its taste is its own selling point!


The flavor profile on this is insane. Words can’t do it justice, but that didn’t stop our Head of Genetics from quipping a riveting summary: “A peanut butter and jelly flavored 151 shot. Or a hazelnut, peanut butter liqueur. Frangelico with Nutella. A chocolate-grape hazelnut.” In short, it’s an awesome pairing of vivid visuals with a memorable flavor to make you salivate.

Parent Genetics

Sundae Strudel is as delectable as its name sounds. It makes sense, given its impeccable genetics. The first ingredient is half of its namesake: Sundae Driver. This awe-inspiring, heavy indica literally smells like peanut butter and jelly. It also has vibrant hues, though these are green with hints of purple.

We match this with Greaseball and Silly Putty strains, adding those arresting, gassy undertones. This is your guilty pleasure treat that you just have to have one more of. A little goes a long way, though. Once these genetics have you, you’re theirs until they let go. But don’t be alarmed, the journey is quite pleasant!


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