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Tokyo Tiramisu

Miyazaki OG x (Greaseball x Silly Putty)

About Tokyo Tiramisu

Everything about Tokyo Tiramisu is graceful. First, its harvest is characterized by super elegant colas. They’re less of the spear variety, but more like a field of golf ball-sized buds. It cuts through the palate like super clean, piercing gas with a hint of bubblegum.


We’re looking at a purplish, silver haze coloration, with a frosty fur. It’s absent of the usual musk, opting instead for a pure gasoline profile. If you think this is a winner, wait until you hear about what went into making it.

Parent Genetics

Miyazaki OG

Silly Putty


The first of this strain’s parents is Miyazaki OG. Its gentle, light yellow and green fade carries both sativa and indica effects. Like many on our list, this strain is a pure rarity. That’s no doubt due in part to its dense, and similarly rare, genetic heritage!


Members of the Miyazaki OG family tree include: Greenbaum’s OG — Heirloom Bubblegum meets SFV OG F4 — and Versailles OG — Louis XIII OG and Skywalker OG BX. All combined, they make for an impressive set of grandparents, hanging out on Tokyo Tiramisu’s family tree.


Rounding things out are the gassy effects of Greaseball. and Silly Putty., two nice additions to the overall design of this strain. 


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