California Wildfire

California Wildfire

California Wildfire is an indica dominant hybrid. It sports chunky, robust buds that pack a strong odor. There’s that lovely rubbery flavor punctuated by citrus and musk. It serves as one half of the genetic heritage of one of our lead cuts, Silly Putty. And like Silly Putty, it’s also a great all around strain. Day or night, it can help ease tension, relieve pains, and more.

Though its features are prominently indica, its strong effect still spurs the imagination. Your creativity floats in an ocean of warmth, producing thoughtful streams of consciousness. It’s also one of many strains on our line that’s poised to be the future of cannabis.

Strain Profile

Greenstone Greaseball Flower Room-02534

There are a few considerations to keep in mind when choosing these genetics. It doesn’t take long at all for California Wildfire to begin developing. By harvest, it’ll occupy twice as much area. If you don’t have as spacious of a facility, this could be also a bigger concern down the line if you don’t plan well for it.


Another thing to also be aware of is what all your crop will need once grown. As stated, these plants are big and bulky. You’ll need something to keep them propped up and in place. Nothing’s worse than a perfectly fine plant collapsing under its own weight! Also, be sure that it gets a steady diet of its necessary nutrients.


Great cannabis comes from all over. But it takes the best and brightest in the industry to source these strains. From there, we build upon them, while also adding our own personal touches.


Ready to place your order? Reach out to us today! Whether it’s an existing strain, or something from your imagination; we can make it happen. You can reach us on our contact page, here. We look forward to hearing from you!

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