Greaseball x Silly Putty (Male Pheno)

Bred By Volta Fiore

We’re back with another breakdown of Bread Genetics top winning Male Phenos. These are those special cuts of cannabis that give our menus their solid foundation. Today, we’ll be taking a look at a cross of two of our most prized strains: Greaseball x Silly Putty.


To begin, these are LEGENDARY genetics from Volta Fiore. Greaseball, for starters, has super locked down, unreleased, in-house genetics. These pair with some really old world, late 1990’s California genetics to utter perfection. Likewise, the Silly Putty is a Greaseball cross of some other solid Volta Fiore cuts. Volta Fiore was gracious enough to gift us a Greaseball crossed with Silly Putty male, resulting in it influencing our entire menu.

The Keys To Trees

As stated, we use this male to pollinate all kinds of other winning phenos that we had already hunted from seed. This includes some great cuts from other breeders that we also took from seed. (As a reminder, we only want our own phenos; we don’t want something that someone else has already hunted.) 

Greenstone Greaseball Flower Room-02530
Silly Putty Macro Portrait

Having that Greaseball x Silly Putty male has been so special. It has genotypic traits of purple, meaning most, if not all the strains it’s bred with will turn purple. It’s a super special male with super special genetics that you can breed for brag appeal purposes. We actually made our first real genetics here at Bread with this pheno; it holds a great deal of sentimental value to us!


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