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Greaseball Full Plant Lower Rez

Greaseball Heritage

With a name like Greaseball, it’s very clear where this wonderful strain got its title. It’s beautifully dense nugs are like little buds of tanker fuel. It smells of strong, musky oil, matched by its purplish green hues. One look at this masterpiece, and it’s clear to see why it’s a common parent strain of choice.

Greaseball Portrait
Greaseball Macro Portrait 1 low res

Greaseball is a novel strain. There are some vagaries here, but this only adds to the overall mystique of the cut. It has hints of lavender, as well as super rare pre-98 Bubba Kush, and others. 

2021 Connoisseur Cup Winner

3rd place REC Indica

2015 Abakus Flower Cup

1st place

2017 Gold Tarp Awards

Winner of Floral Category

What Makes It Great?

Greaseball, like many of the strains on our list, is a distinguished cut. It’s the kind of cannabis you can grow and build a rapport with. It’ll only take a few sessions to learn just how suited it is for most occasions.

This is the perfect strain for a person who loves a strong indica that won’t stop you in your tracks. It’s greasy nugs are dense in salivating flavor. It’ll be like someone dipped you in a tub of oil with massage jets. And even better, you’ll still have full control of your day while floating on cloud nine.

Quality Genetics with Bread

Good cannabis doesn’t only get you high. It should be a complete experience that compliments your daily itinerary. This idea is reinforced by how active it inspires its related community to be. Ready to join that community and help push the culture forward? Bread Genetics is the partner you want!


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