Hawaiian Wowie

Bred By Nirvana Seeds

Greenstone Hawaiian Wowie-02951

Hawaiian Wowie Heritage

Hawaiian x Maui Wowie

At Bread, we pride ourselves on having quality genetics that hail from all over the globe. We searched high and low to find the best that the cannabis culture has to offer. This is no more apparent than in our next parent cut. Here, things get a little more tropical. Meet Hawaiian Wowie.

Now you can soak in some island vibes without having to leave your couch. As captivating of a strain as it is, it’s no wonder there’s a “wow” in the name. But what goes into making this head turning cut? Learn more in the sections below!

What Makes It Great?

Some real deal powerhouse strains are behind the summer hit. First, there’s a beautifully tropical cut known only as Hawaiian. This sativa dominant work of art is the perfect start to this wonderful blend. Euphoria, creativity, and more get a delicious jolt coated in viridescence. And that’s only half of the story!

Staying in line with the island theme, we have the classic Maui Wowie rounding out these genetics. Another resounding sativa, this one is steeped in the culture it hails from. It can even be traced back to the volcano laden earth of the area. It’s like a bowl of pineapples that make you extra happy.

A Tropical Take On Bread Genetics

This brings us to the final product. With tastes of pineapple and mango, Hawaiian Wowie pairs well with a fresh cocktail on the beach. Now you can experience summer regardless of the time of year.


Ready to try some of the strains we’ve infused with this cut? Check out our lengthy list of premium cannabis genetics! Have more questions? You can schedule a consultation with us on our contact page today! Your dream strain is one click away. We look forward to hearing from you! 

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