Secret Mintz

Bred By Seed Junky Genetics

Greenstone's Secret Cookies #2-0565

Secret Mintz Heritage

Secret Cookies x Kush Mints #11

For something to be called Secret, we’re really not doing a great job at keeping things under wraps. That’s okay, this is a cat we actually want to let out of the bag. And if you’ve been lucky enough to try Secret Mintz, we’re sure you’ll understand exactly why!

This brings us to our next strain, Alien Sour Apple. As its name implies, there’s a lot going on here. Read below for a full breakdown of the strain, it’s heritage, and its effects. After that, hit us up to place your order!

Whats the secret?

Imagine if someone dropped some minty soft-serve into a vat of gasoline. The result may come close to mimicking the effects of Secret Mintz. It’s sweet, musky, and hits your palate like a ton of bricks. It’s greenish, purplish hue is a solid indication of what’s to come.


But like all else, you can’t know where you’re going without knowing where you’ve been. That said, Secret Mintz has some pretty awesome parents. It’s equal parts the Secret Cookies and Kush Mints. Expect gas, fuel tones, massive yields, and a pleasant indica fueled experience.

Learning Secrets with Bread Genetics

There’s actually an entire family within the Secret lineage. For example, for our Secret Agent Suckers, we combined Secret Mintz F2, Secret Mintz#2, and Secret Mintz#4! Each brings their own take on their family tree, leading to some pretty great results.


Can you keep our secret? If so, head on over to our contact page now! We can connect you to this and other fine examples of quality cannabis genetics. Simply schedule a consultation with us to determine how to best move forward. Your next cannabis genetic is only one click away!

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