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Galen studied business and communications at Kennesaw State University where he quickly became adept in the operational side of business management.


Galen Kelly

After school, Galen was hired on to a large chemical company based in Atlanta where he learned chemical compounding and headed up quality control, swiftly moving up to Operations Manager. Galen always had a passion for exercise and the science behind it. After bodybuilding for a handful of years, he started his own nutraceutical supplement brand, taking it from local to nationwide to international in just a few short years. With his nutraceutical brand in full swing, he opened a nutraceutical manufacturing company to go alongside his brand.


Galen also successfully started a construction company and helped develop and patent an automotive sensor technology while investing in various markets where he is a key player on the operational side of any endeavor. He has had great interest over the past several years in the hemp and cannabis markets and is currently developing software applications for cannabis, while also running one of the largest hemp processing facilities in the US as Chief Growth Officer and heading up their national retail lines and extraction operations.

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