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Welcome To Bread Genetics

Our menu of available strains are a combination of some of the most flavorful, but also fragrant, and fulfilling selections available. We seek out the most unique cuts of cannabis genetics. Then, we masterfully blend 2 or more strains to create an entirely new masterpiece. 

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This is only half of the equation.

The remaining value in Bread Genetics is also based on our intrinsic love of cannabis. This does not only include indulging. We have an authentic appreciation for the process as a whole. From cultivation, to curing, to packaging, to sale.
Each completed strain is its own unique accomplishment with a dynamic and exciting future ahead of it!




Another area that we find equally intriguing is the bakery!

As you may have noticed, each of our strains are an homage to a popular dessert or baked good. Like with our cannabis, there’s also a true art in good treats and baked goods. You can almost taste the love and care that went into its creation.

Many of the strains carry their own unique smells and flavors.

This is also another reason for the food comparisons. Some leave hints of fruit, while others are more pungent and earthy. As such, we tried our best to match these profiles with the most applicable baked goods we could think of.

Which menu pick are you most interested in trying??


Ready to give our landmark strains a try? Or maybe you’re a returning customer and already know your preference. You may even also have a custom strain idea, and all you need is a team of experts to deliver quality results. Either way, you’re in the right place. Head on over to our contact page now! 


You can schedule a consultation with us to discuss the best option for you.