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Alien Apple Turnover

Alien Sour Apple x (Greaseball x Silly Putty)

About Alien Apple Turnover

In the word’s of our Head Geneticist, Alien Apply Turnover, “is going to be fucking fire.” It’s a sativa/indica hybrid. It falls about down the middle, ever so slightly in favor of sativa.


The true marvel of this strain lies in its terpene profile. It’s not your parent’s apple pie. Think sour, tart, granny smith apples submerged in an oil field. Greasy to the touch, and sharp to the taste. Its unmistakable flavor and aroma make it impossible to confuse. One encounter with this and you’ll know it’s the real deal.

Alien Apple Turnover
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Parent Genetics

Alien Apple Turnover has an incredible genetic heritage. One of its parents is Alien Sour Apples. An Alien Rock Candy and Sour IBL cross, this heavy indica is something special. Its potency and flavor and smell profiles are out of this world. Tart meets sweet apple, making it a shoe-in for the Bread Genetics motif. 

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Greaseball and Silly Putty also contribute to the end product. This is where those pungent oil notes come from. Like most of our genetics, every contributor here is just as capable of standing on their own.


Why Choose us?

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Don’t settle for strains that are more filler than fulfilling.


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