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Powdered Cream Mintz

Ice Cream Mintz x (Greaseball x Silly Putty)

About Powdered Cream Mintz

Powdered Cream Mintz takes its cue from one of its parents, Ice Cream Mintz. This heavy indica is one of our inventory’s most prized efforts. It placed 3rd overall as the recreational hybrid in the 2021 Connoisseur Cup.


With that said, Powdered Cream Mintz stands on its own as a contender. It’s a complete upgrade. This is Ice Cream Mintz with touches of pure gasoline. Tones of gelato top this exceptional offering to make for a pleasant experience. Picture musky, purple buds with a creamy, full-bodied flavor.


Parent Genetics

As stated, Ice Cream Mintz is the primary parent genetic here. It’s a heavy indica-dominant hybrid. This comes from the long line of gelatos and triangle kush in its heritage. It shares their staying power too. As our head of genetics notes, “this could be the one strain to run an entire facility. They’d never get tired of it.” It makes sense that it didn’t take long for it to garner award-winning acclaim.

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Rounding out the strain’s more calming effects are Greaseball and Silly Putty. These always-great additions help your consciousness travel and your body unwind. They make for a truly pleasant experience that won’t leave you drowsy or disoriented. 


When securing the right strain, you’ll want an expert’s touch. At Bread Genetics, our team has a wealth of expertise in the cannabis space. We know the ins and and outs, and bring that understanding into every project. We’re your one stop shop for best-in-class genetics.

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