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Tangerine Torte

Strawberry Fields x (Greaseball x Silly Putty)

About Tangerine Torte

Where else can you find strawberry, musk, and tangerine paired so beautifully? Can’t think of anywhere? The answer is — Tangerine Torte. This strain has everything you need, and on top of that, it’s as potent as they come. We took a reverse cross of Greaseball and Silly Putty and mixed it with a very special cut of Strawberry Fields.


The result is this legendary hybrid cross. This one is going to blow the minds of connoisseurs  everywhere. As far as its appearance, look no further than its name! Orange hairs cascade across hues of green, purple, and more. And, it’s as tasty as its name implies.

Parent Genetics

Strawberry Fields

The first half of Tangerine Torte is made up of Strawberry Fields. We’ll give you one guess as to why it’s called that. If you said because it tastes, smells, and has the overall vibe of strawberry, good on you! This beautiful indica goes great with just about any occasion.


Likewise, our expert blend of Grease and Silly Putty rounds things out to perfection. It’s gas, gas, gas. And even more gas. Add in a strong dose of cream from the Silly Putty, and you have a strain sure to wow aficionados for years to come. 


This is only one of several novel strains in the Bread Genetics inventory. Each provides its own unique experience that’s deep enough for you to notice something new and intriguing in every strain with each new use.

If you’re ready to get your cannabis genetics journey kick-started,  or are just looking to enhance your existing repertoire, Bread Genetics has you covered.


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