Magnum Opus

Bred By Aficianado Genetics 

Magnum Opus

Magnum Opus is one of those cuts you just don’t see very often. It blends old world genetics with a fresh modern take. As true followers of the cannabis faith, it is our duty to preserve the integrity of these older cuts. It’s not bandwagon cannabis. It’s counterculture, and damn proud to be.

The origins of magnum opus get even more intriguing, dramatic, and in-depth! We encourage you to look up the story of its creator, Mandelbrot, aka Ras Truth. We’d need more time to talk about his revolutionary vision in full. But know that magnum opus was one of many innovations he managed to realize prior to his tragic passing.

Magnum Opus

Strain Profile

Magnum Opus-02695

We picked Magnum Opus for its genetics. In truth, it’s actually a lower potency strain, and often isn’t sought individually. It doesn’t have that concentrated breeding of trichome saturation that breeders want. That said, its dark, purplish hues are still a sight to get lost in.


This is a great strain for people who want something more mellow. Some have even likened it to a more intense CBD. It even has about 2% of CBD & CBG in it. This makes it the perfect addition when crossing for a hybrid with a less intensive high.

Quality Genetics with Bread

At Bread, we’re committed to preserving cannabis culture across the board. Consider us connoisseurs in the field. We want to see everyone with a good heart and even better cannabis shine! We love seeing classic and new strains reach their maximum potential.


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