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Surfside Sours

Hawaiian Wowie x Secret Mintz

About Surfside Sours

At harvest, Surfside Sours’ genetics come with some big-ass, spear-shaped colas. It’s doused in super high-quality frost. There are a few ways to explain its body. It’s like a Dragonfruit/gas mix, or roasted creme pineapple. A tropical fruit bowl covered in isopropyl alcohol. Excuse us while we salivate.


This sativa-dominant hybrid lacks the purplish tint of many of its contemporaries. Instead, it has a more classic coloration. Its hue is a mint green that fades to an almost yellowish tone. It’s yet another fitting edition to our pastry-inspired menu at Bread Genetics.

Parent Genetics

Hawaiian Wowie is a tropical paradise of superior cannabis. Its mango and pineapple fumes give strong beach vibes, earning the surf-inspired title. This is your frozen pina colada in a chilled mug, watching the sunset from the shore. It’s a first class ticket to top grade genetics and one of Surfside Sours’ proud parents.

On the other side of the family sits Secret Mintz. Using this strain, we’re able to inject a thorough hybrid to give the journey an interesting leg. We decelerate the tropical experience to a slugging pace by dousing it in oil. The result is like a never-ending edible arrangement enjoyed in slow motion.


One of the most exciting parts of blending quality genetics is how creative the process can be. Whatever your imagination can conceive, Bread Genetics can breed. Blueberry doughnuts on an oil rig? Check. Sour candy apple coated at the gas pump? Easy. You name it, we make it happen!

Don’t waste another second taking the chance on poor genetics.


You deserve the best the field has to offer, and Bread Genetics has it. With our combination of noteworthy, award-winning strains, we should be your only stop for cannabis genetics. Reach out to us today to get the conversation started.