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Crystal Mintz

Ice Cream Mintz x Secret Mintz

About Crystal Mintz

Crystal Mintz could go by so many other names:

They all sound tasty, but definitely all have a little kick. That’s because Crystal Mintz is like the milkshake in need of a warning label. It’s the flower equivalent of a 190 proof dessert.


Its genetic family tree is stacked on both sides with notes of cream, gas, and gelato. It’s an indica’s indica, leaving you relaxed, satisfied, and likely ready for some good rest. We guarantee it will serve as the perfect addition to any of your upcoming genetics lineups.


You can read a more thorough breakdown of its parent genetics below.

Parent Genetics

Ice Cream Mintz accounts for the first half of Crystal Mintz’s heritage. The strain itself is a masterful blend of Ice Cream Cake and Kush Mints #11. The powerful, gassy, musky smell of wedding cake has a creamy, milky accompaniment.  

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Balancing things out is Secret Mintz, a dense hybrid with an even murkier background. As the name implies, not much is known about Secret Mintz’s origins. This does nothing, though, to take away from your enjoyment. If anything, this added dose of mystique only magnifies its intrigue.


Cannabis should be more than just an activity on the itinerary. Each flower indulgence should feel like its own event — a special experience that occupies your full attention. That’s the mission of Bread Genetics. It’s cannabis done right.

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