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Ultra Bougie

Lemon Skunk x Golden Goat x Tangie.

About Ultra Bougie

Meet Ultra Bougie, the strain that’s sure to make you turn your nose up for a good reason. This three-part cross includes landmark strains like Lemon Skunk, Golden Goat, and Tangie. It’s doused in orange fur, granting it the awesome nickname of Orange Afro. But, as far as taste and smell, it’s just like a lemonade frosty.


This exclusive strain is hard to miss with such trademark features. The delicious aroma and creamy finish makes it a shoe-in for future praise and accolades, all thanks to its diverse background.

Parent Genetics

Lemon Skunk

Golden Goat


First, let’s break down Lemon Skunk. This strain earns its name via its lemon zest taste and strong scent. It leans more on the side of sativas, bringing you those uplifting vibes we all know and love. Think euphoria minus the sedative effect, making it great for those who want to keep their energy up while still enjoying a little something something.

With a name like Golden Goat you may not think this strain happened purely out of coincidence. But surprise, it did! The hybrid was actually an unplanned mix of Hawaiian Romulan and Island Sweet Skunk. The result is an island fruit taste with sweet and savory aromas.

Last, we have the classic Tangie strain. This full-on sativa actually has quite the notoriety worldwide. From the US West Coast, all the way to The Netherlands! Of course, its name is a reference to its orange appearance and citrusy profile.

Put them all together and you’ve got the unique blend that is Ultra Bougie! 


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