Having a solid genetic foundation for your cannabis is the key to a successful yield. But, it can take quite a bit of time, sometimes even years to hunt and breed those perfect phenotypes. It’s a labor of love for sure; luckily the results are well worth the effort. 


Today we’ll be discussing the Last in our series of prominent male phenotypes. The amazing Kentucky IBL is a very rare cut for several different reasons. The answer lies in its very unique composition. Read on for a deep dive into the specifics on this down home, outdoor gem that we’re proud to include in our inventory.


Kentucky IBL is an outdoor, 7th generation IBL, made from a cornfield in Kentucky. That means its breeders were crossing the best male to the best female for 7 years of consecutive rounds. The result was something unexpected. One of the most curious things to occur is that it sports characteristically huge colas.

G4 Macro Bud Portrait

This isn’t anywhere near typical of a male. Also, the size of the pollen stacks it produces make perfectly spherical colas. They’re long, elegant, and wide. In fact, it’s one of few males to have a bigger cola than the female colas in its production class. Where this also differs from other strains is in its terpene profile. It doesn’t offer a lot in terms of smell and taste. But this is more than made up for in its strength and size, making it a true standout in our inventory. 


Ready to give your cannabis genetics the quality overhaul they need? With solid foundations like these, it’s easy to see why our award winning cannabis is the addition your stock’s been missing. Schedule a consultation with us via our contact page today to learn more!