Secret Mintz (Male Pheno)

Bred By Seed Junky

Welcome back to our Male Pheno series

The latest of our winning cuts that we’re highlighting is the infamous Secret Mintz. It’s another special male, but in a different way. Not only does it taste and smell like parmesan cheese, but also the frost levels were unreal. And this is only the start of its fun facts; read on to learn more!


We managed to get these seeds in 2018 from Seed Junky. They really outdid themselves with this precious cut. It was Secret Cookies crossed with Kush Mintz #11. This particular yield was a very rare and limited drop of secret cookies. It’s worthy of note that this was one of his earlier collaborations with Cookies. This was even prior to their official joining of forces. In short, this is a piece of history!



While its yield was low, with no real stacks and small OG nugs, its trichome saturation was undeniably insane. Immediately, we thought, “we need to cross this with a few special females that can take the hit and still be wonderful”. But, we also needed to then cross it back with itself to make a solid cut of this F2 genetic. That way, we can use in the future to add frost to strains that need it.

Asset 2
Asset 6

From here, we hunted a badass female that had spear like colas, along with a super bad ass male. From this came our Secret Line. There will be more genetics coming from this line, but this was the first strain of its sort in our inventory.

At Bread Genetics, our goal is to give our clients a solid idea of just what is going into their strains. Their stories and history are as important, if not more so than where they’re headed. We’ll preserve the integrity of your cannabis genetics goals, and help you reach them with standout genetics.


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