Silly Putty

Bred By Volta Fiore

Silly Putty Full Plant

Silly Putty Heritage

Silly Putty is a legendary strain. It hails from Northern California. It’s a special cut, grown with a lot of care and love. Its own genetic heritage includes a miraculous cross of Greaseball and California Wildfire. Like many of our selections, it offers a comforting full body high, without slowing your focus.

A common complaint about heavy strains is that they may be too overwhelming for some. Silly Putty eliminates this concern altogether. The well balanced hybrid pairs well with any time of day. It’s the perfect introductory strain for newbies, and a favorite of a lot of veteran indulgers.

Strain Profile

Silly Putty doesn’t only offer a nice high. Many who’ve sampled it refer to the experience as borderline spiritual. “It makes you the best version of yourself,” notes our head of content, Daniel McNabb. And the beauty of it? It never sacrifices flavor or appearance.

It’s super gassy and sour to the smell, yet sweet to the test. Gary validates these claims. “It’s earthy, rubbery, almost like your favorite household cleaner. I have a nice jar at home that I like to open up daily and smell.”

Our mission at Bread Genetics

Your genetics should be a reflection of your mission. At Bread, our mission is to contribute as much as we can to pushing cannabis culture forward. Our gourmet menu of rare strains are about so much more than a fun time. Miles sums it up perfectly:

“Weed is supposed to have a medicinal effect for you. Cannabis is designed to help you feel better than what you did before you smoked. It’s not intended and it should never be a bandaid for problems. It should help you work through those problems, and help you enjoy being a better human being. It’s not about just getting high.”

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