Custom Genetics

We create premium custom cannabis genetics to fit your exact specifications!

Bread Genetics is excited to announce our new custom cannabis genetics! If you’re a musician, athlete, doctor, corporation, dispensary, etc., and you want the highest quality marijuana genetics that you can call your own, please read below or contact us today. 

How Does it Work?

First,  interested parties need to fill out our Custom Genetics Questionnaire . This google form includes roughly 20 questions aimed at determining your interests, and also how you wish to work with us. From flavor profiles, bag appeal, mental and physical feelings, branding, color and more!  Taking the time to fill out this questionnaire, thoughtfully, will allow us the best opportunity to identify what is needed to create the perfect strain for you. 

Choice Of Breeding Rounds

Once we assess your responses to the Questionnaire, we’re more equipped to select the right parent genetics to begin breeding. From there, you’re also able to choose from three tiers of breeding rounds, each with their own unique benefits.

If you’re on a budget or are pressed for time, then an option with fewer breeding rounds may be your best bet. Keep in mind though that the more breeding rounds your strain undergoes, the more refined it will be. When pheno-hunting, you also want to be able to go through several rounds to pick the true kings and queens of the crop.

Hand Cutting Cannabis

Bread Genetics, Custom Genetics Questionnaire

The first step in creating your custom marijuana genetics is to fill out the Bread Custom Genetics Questionnaire.


This questionnaire was developed to give our world class breeders everything they need to develop the marijuana strain of your dreams.


Fill out the questionnaire.

Cannabis Genetics for Cannabis Cultivation Facilities or Dispensaries 

Are you a licensed cannabis cultivation facility or dispensary? If so, Bread Genetics offers several offerings to suit your needs. We will work with you to supply seeds, cuttings and we can even come work on site to help you get your Bread Genetics cultivars established.  Schedule a consultation with us to learn more about this option! 

Licensing Custom
Bread Genetics Strains

When you buy a custom genetic you own a license for that specific variety, but you do not have the right to breed it with other plants without expressed written consent. You may grow an unlimited amount of your custom genetic in perpetuity throughout the universe as long as it is the original strain or new phenotype off of the original strain.

Custom Bread Genetics must always be co-branded with the Bread Genetics logo visible on the packaging, the website, or anywhere your custom Bread Genetics are being promoted or sold.

If you choose to have us develop your cultivars at your cultivation facility there will be a $100.00 licensing fee on every pound sold out of the facility in perpetuity. This licensing deal comes with phone and video support.

Custom licensing deals are also available.

Forrbidden Donutz
Super Citral Scones

Branding and Marketing

Our dream was to build cannabis brands and that is what we do.

If you need fire design, high production value video content & animation and a digital marketing plan that will propel you forward in the search engines – look no further.

Our marketing packages give you everything you need for your custom cannabis genetics strain – branding, design, packaging and more. Our prospects love this option as it takes most of the headaches out of the equation. 

If you are interested in learning more about our cannabis marketing programs, click the link below and contact us today.

Pricing Tiers

Once we assess the results of the surveys, we’re more equipped to select the right parent genetics to begin breeding. From there, you’re able to choose from three tiers of breeding rounds, each with their own unique benefits.

Tier 1

Tier 1 - $175,000

The team will hunt 1 male and 1 female phenotype best suited to your assessment. They’ll then breed the Genetic A Winner with the Genetic B winner over the course of 1 breeding round, or roughly 5 months. The result is 1 generation of custom lineage.
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Tier 2

Tier 2 - $275,000

The same as Tier 1, plus an added breeding round, guaranteeing more complete and refined genetics. This option will take approximately 8 months to complete, resulting in 2 generations of custom lineage.
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Tier 3

Tier 3 - $500,000

Three complete breeding rounds, ensuring 3 generations of custom genetics. You’ll also receive marketing materials for your strain including; brand creation, packaging design, two promotional videos, and raw photos and videos you can use at your discretion.
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Bread Genetics’ one of a kind, custom premium cannabis genetics, along with our cultivation expertise and leading branding and marketing, makes for an amazing return on investment in both mature and emerging markets, all while building a name brand that can be used for licensing purposes. The average wholesale price for premium cannabis in newer emerging markets is $4000.00 / lb, with an average production of 100 to 200 lbs per month. For one custom genetic strain with one breeding round at a cost of $175,000, with an average licensing fee of 20%, only 218.75 lbs would need to be sold to break even. Everything else is profit.

If you want Bread Genetics to handle and run setting up cultivars on your behalf utilizing your custom genetic strains, there will be a $150,000 cultivation fee on top of the genetic creation tier and the licensing fee will be split with Bread for setting up and running the account. For one custom genetic strain with one breeding round at a cost of $175,000, and one cultivar set up fee of $150,000, and an average licensing fee of 20%, only 812.5 lbs would need to be sold to break even. Both of these scenarios are based on pounds sold. Net profitability can be exponential with expansion to multiple cultivars across the U.S.


Blackberry Currant Soufflé in Flower - Bread Genetics
Cardi B 1_
proof of concept | no affiliation with Cardi B

With Bread Genetics setting up the contract cultivars, you can be assured your premium one of a kind strains will be grown properly and marketed correctly, from propagation to store shelves. To make it a full turn key solution, Bread Genetics can also handle all branding and marketing and create your very own world renowned cannabis brand. This is a fantastic way to enter the legal cannabis space with experts in the field handling everything from A to Z.


Below is an example of a break even scenario in a new market. The top three rows show what is needed to sell to break even if the client pays for a custom genetic strain and handles cultivation on their own. The bottom three rows shows what is needed to sell if the client pays for a custom genetic strain and has Bread Genetics set up and handle all aspects of cultivation through our contract growers.


Note: Cardi B is not affiliated with Bread Genetics. This is a proof of concept designed as a sample. 


Bread Genetics Custom Genetics ROI Calculator

*wholesale prices depend on the state and current market within that state. Licensing fees and production quantity will have to be negotiated with cultivar. Industry averages were used in the above scenario. Full branding and marketing package is a separate cost, but included in any tier 3 application.


Partnering with Bread Genetics

The future of cannabis is bright. It’s growing ever more accessible, giving way to opportunities like the one noted here. We’re so excited to be a part of cannabis culture, and look to help others with similar aspirations and the means to reach their goals. Rise to the top with us! Your custom Bread Genetics are only a click away!