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Alien Sour Apple Heritage

Alien Rock Candy x Sour Apple IBL

Some say our strains are out of this world. You don’t even know the half of it. At Bread Genetics, we strive to provide best in class cannabis genetics to the world at large. It’s not enough to just make you feel high. We go for cuts that provide a genuine experience incomparable to anything else!

This brings us to our next strain, Alien Sour Apple. As its name implies, there’s a lot going on here. Read below for a full breakdown of the strain, it’s heritage, and its effects. After that, hit us up to place your order!

What world are you from?

With parents like Alien Rock Candy and Sour Apple IBL, it’s no wonder that Alien Sour Apple has the profile it has. The resulting tart and sweet apple flavor is a truly unique affair. But their inclusion may be even more special than you realize.

These genetics were released to the public several years ago as a one-time drop. That said, beginners beware! This cut has a very high potency. This is due, in part, to its heavy indica effects. That’s not to say don’t give a spin. But as always, pace yourself to ensure an all around pleasant experience.

Quality Genetics with Bread

At Bread, we don’t BS. We take the process of engineering cannabis very seriously, and it shows in our output. There isn’t a strain on our list that’s not up to the high standards we’ve set for them and ourselves.


Why take our word for it, though, when you can see for yourself. Head on over to our contact page and reach out to us today! We’d love to hear about your goals and cannabis preferences. We’ll engineer an experience tailored to your liking. You’ll wonder why you didn’t reach us sooner!

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