Orange Beignet

Bred By Crockett Farms

Orange Beignet is one of the more delicious sounding strains, and it earns the notion easily! It’s also one of the main strains at the root of our awesome Porch Swing strain from our Southern Restoration line. It’s creamy, citrus flavor proves why it’s such a great addition to genetics’ heritage.


Tall stalks of this orange goodness can be expected upon yield. It’s terpene profile takes after its citrus inspired name, with gorgeous orange trichomes to boot. It’s also perfect to combine with a number of different strains, and we could pass up the chance to pair it with our Kentucky IBL to make something memorable!


After reviewing this strain’s genetic heritage, it’s clear to see why it’s in high demand. First there’s French Toast, who’s smell is as appetizing as its title sounds. There’s also Archive Genetics’ Face On Fire OG, making for a 10 out of 10 cross.

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As far as the French Toast, its nodes aren’t all that bulky. However, it’s appearance includes an enticing orange fuzz, thick in trichomes all around. The Face On Fire OG sports rotund buds with a floral, citrus fruit like profile. It also produces trademark, dense clouds of smoke, and passes some of that volume on to its genetic lineage.

At Bread Genetics, our goal is to give our clients a solid idea of just what is going into their strains. Their stories and history are as important, if not more so than where they’re headed. We’ll also preserve the integrity of your cannabis genetics goals, and help you reach them with standout genetics.


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