Rodney Miller

Head Of Diversity

Through his writing, Rodney hopes that his experiences inspire others to find
the courage within to face their fears and to create the life they truly desire. 

About The Maker

Rodney Miller
Head Of Diversity

Rodney grew up in Ackworth, South Carolina (a rural town) just outside of Spartanburg. While spending most of his formative years living in the country, he would come to find a love of horses. The unique aspect about horses is that these animals are known to possess the ability to sense anxiety, stress, and fear in humans. The irony of this connection with horses at a young age is interesting, as Rodney’s passion is helping people to connect with and address their anxiety and fears so that they can realize their life’s purpose. 


When Rodney and his family transitioned from country living to city living, he realized that discipline, dedication, and determination would be the key ingredients needed for him to avoid circumstances that could change the trajectory of his life. 

As an athlete and devoted sprinter, Rodney participated in the Atlanta 1996 Olympic tryouts. While he did not make the team, this opportunity served to enhance his drive for excellence. This is only one of many life events that contributed to Rodney’s desire to find his voice, overcome his fears, and discover his life purpose.


Rodney’s career portfolio includes serving as a partner in Long Real Estate Developers where he assisted in the development of multi-million dollar residential and commercial properties. 


Rodney received a master of business administration (MBA) in management of technology from the Georgia Institute of Technology, and a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Morehouse College. He currently serves as the Sr Director, Business Information Governance at Alston & Bird, LLP. As a senior executive staff member, Rodney serves as committee member at large for the firm’s Diversity & Inclusion Steering Committee. His personal experiences and voice serves as a great asset in recognizing diverse talent in the firm and various other community organizations where he is a member. 


Along with his professional endeavors, Rodney spends his free time golfing and giving back to his community. While most of Rodney’s golf adventures are for fun, Rodney will acknowledge that the characteristics for a successful game often transition to life off the course. Rodney is involved with several organizations which include The Georgia Council on Economic Education (Board Member), YearUp Atlanta, Families First, A&B Habitat House program, United Way of Atlanta, and Fundraiser for special events on behalf of Morehouse College to name a few. 

“Be the kind of person who dares to face life’s challenges and overcome them rather than dodging them”

– Roy T. Bennett

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