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Secret Agent Suckers

Secret Mintz x (Secret Mintz#2 x Secret Mintz#4)

About Secret Agent Suckers

Shrouded in mystery, 

this strain may leave you asking, “Why is it so damn good?!” 

Secret Agent Suckers is like a cream-infused ethanol. An 87 octane, tropical milkshake. A Hawaiian shaved ice out of a gas can. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever tried. As you can probably tell by the name, that’s by design!

Have you ever seen dew on the grass first thing in the morning? Picture that on steroids when you think about the white flower nodes of Secret Agent Suckers. The heavy indica sports small, delicate, elegant flowers. There’s no slack here, only super high-quality for a delightful effect.

Parent Genetics

You may notice the back-end of our line up doesn’t include our common Greaseball and Silly Putty mix. Instead, we decided to explore incorporating cuts from the Secret Mintz lineage. With Secret Agent Suckers, we found Secret Mintz numbers 2 and 4 to be the perfect balance.

With all the love to our coffee fanatics, Secret Mintz #2 can be the new best part of waking up. It’s wonderfully indica, with a pinch of sativa for a pleasant kickstart. It, along with #4, calls upon an infusion of Kush Mintz for tastes that blend fruit and fuel.


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