Behind the genetics

The Bakers

Gary Walker


There is not a more knowledgeable or passionate team in the business than the crew here at Bread. They come with a combined 30 years of experience in the cannabis field, including 10 years of breeding experience. This also includes half a decade of experience in Cannabis AG Tech. Under their watch, they managed to successfully grow over 300,000lbs of cannabis in a decade.


These organic farming experts aren’t only growers. Their humans with a exceeding compassion for others and for their work. Their view of cannabis isn’t one of pure spectacle. Don’t get us wrong, it’s definitely a blast! But their connection is rooted in a desire to see your overall quality of life affected positively.

Behind the business

The makers

Jason Sirotin


Scott Patterson

Chief Compliance Officer

Justin Jeffries

Chief Strategy Officer

Galen Kelly


Sundeep Dhaliwhal


Daniel McNabb

Associate Creative Director

Harrison Thacker

Content Producer

Rodney Miller

Head Of Diversity

Joseph Goddard

Software Engineer