Forbidden Runtz

Bred By Tiki Madman

Greenstone's Forbidden Runtz-0596

Forbidden Runtz Heritage

Runtz x Forbidden Zkittlez

These days, it isn’t uncommon to hear about the uber popular Runtz strain. It’s found a comfortable home in the pantheon of cannabis pop culture. It’s risen as a top pick in a multitude of diverse audiences. And there are so many different variations that are just so good!! But there’s a special take on the cut that’s the perfect addition to our genetic heritage strains.

While forbidden may be in the name, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it a try! It’s an amazing strain and its background is the stuff legend. Read on for a full breakdown below!

What Makes It Great?

One look at this strain’s parent genetics and you’ll see where it gets its “taboo” name. It’s equal parts Runtz & Forbidden Zkittlez. This strain has very high yields, with long, sharp spears as main colas.

Its hue is that of a plum purple, and smells, and tastes like an even balance of candy and gas. Expect both heavy indica and sativa effects, making it a true hybrid. The indica aspect is supplied by the Runtz. Forbidden Zkittlez, on the other hand, contributes a wild mix of Sativa hybrids. Trust us, you won’t find a cross like this anywhere else.

Quality Genetics with Bread

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