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Chocolate Covered Cherryz

Magnum Opus x Secret Mintz

About Chocolate Covered Cherryz

One of the drawbacks to browsing our menu is that you might actually end up hungry reading through our strain names. You can trust that they are just as delicious as they sound! Today, we’ll be talking about one of our greatest parent genetics: Chocolate Covered Cherries.


The look and profile of this strain is unmatched. Frosty trichomes pair with the taste of gas dipped cherry chocolate syrup, making for a mouthwatering cut of cannabis. It’s something out of a chef’s bakery- if the chef had a green thumb. Read on to learn how its parent genetics lead straight to this wondrous mix of exciting traits.

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Parent Genetics

Our chocolate covered cherries come from two of the greatest strains that have come into our possession. First, we bred our Magnum Opus with a cut of Secret Mintz. The Magnum Opus helps add to the aesthetic, with its dark purplish hues overpowering the cross in a good way.

The Secret Mintz, on the other hand, offers some more extreme terpene profiles to the cross. A strong cheese flavor pairs with a frosty trichome disposition. The result of the two being bred is a cut that’s unique all on its own!


When hunting our perfect phenos, we spare no expense or resource securing the best that cannabis has to offer. From there, we let our imaginations run wild until they come up with the best possible combinations for our clients to try out. We stand by these strains wholeheartedly!


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