Miyazaki OG

Bred By Aficionado Genetics

Miyazaki Heritage

Heirloom Bubblegum x
San Fernando Valley OG F4.

Miyazaki OG is a strain for the ages. This effort aims to create a pure, unadulterated OG strain, with a professional twist. A lot of this has to do with its heritage. Four major cuts are blended, resulting in a stunning who’s who of quality strains sure to impress. 

First there’s Greenbaum’s OG. This blends Heirloom Bubblegum x San Fernando Valley OG F4. This is crossed with Versailles OG, made up of Louis XIII OG and Skywalker OG BX. Wow, that’s a lot of alphabets! Luckily, it’s also a lot of great cannabis. 

What Makes It Great?

True to form, it delivers a gentle, light yellow and green fade. Though it is very gassy, it functions as more of a true hybrid, sporting b oth Sativa and Indica effects. It makes sense then that this cut is a go to when crafting some of our unique genetics.

As the last section noted, a ton of effort went into this strain’s creation. That’s why there was no shock that the result was so intriguing! What followed was a tall, lanky, moderately difficult to grow strain. True to its lineage, it retains a pure gas profile, making it a favorite among indica lovers.

Quality Genetics with Bread

So what happens when you pair these awesome genetics with, say, Greaseball and Silly Putty? You get a dessert of a strain known as Tokyo Tiramisu. You’ve likely noticed this on our menu, and yes, it’s as delectable as it sounds. The best part, you can take steps towards these genetics today!


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