Joint, Tobacco, Or Glass? A Look At Cannabis Accessories

Have you ever found yourself weighing your cannabis consumption options? You might be a newbie, and the extra user-friendly nature of a hemp cone calls your name every time. Or you might be a vet, having long explored the gamut of cannabis accessories, in search of something new.

Today, we’ll be breaking down a few different cannabis accessories, as well as some of their pros and cons. That said, note that there are always associated risks when inhaling smoke. Our goal here at Bread is to try and present a balanced and informed perspective on our favorite plant. Be sure to check out our previous blog on top cannabis experiences here!

To Joint, or Not To Joint

Rolling papers are always a classic option when it comes to cannabis. Though bleached paper is typical, there are many concerns when inhaling its chemicals. Suitable hemp and unbleached alternatives are available as options as well.

Does rolling joints present an issue for you? No worries! As we stated earlier, many find the cone variation of papers to be the perfect assist. You’re joint is essentially pre-rolled into the shape of a cone, while the inside is empty. Then, a supporting packing tool helps you to insert the ground flower with little effort.

Let’s Be Blunt

At Bread, we’re admittedly purists when it comes to cannabis. But that’s because our faith in the plant and all it does for people is so strong. Still, there’s no judgment from us on your preferred choice. And let’s be honest, who hasn’t tapped a blunt every so often?

If you have sworn them off for good, though, it’s likely for the better. Tobacco is reported to come with a host of possible health risks both short and long term. If you do choose to indulge, the key is moderation.

Tapping The Bowl

Glass seems to occupy a huge section of cannabis culture. There are some pieces with simple designs, and others that go above and beyond with intricacy. From bowls, to bongs, and more, it remains a solid option for many users.

Another big upside to glass options is their impact on weed rationing. Here, a little truly goes a long way! The previous options listed can eat through your stash in record time. On the other hand, glass only needs a few pinches of ground flower, allowing your cannabis to stretch.

Working With Bread Genetics

These are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to cannabis accessories. There are a ton of ultra intriguing choices that host a range of pros and cons. For example, did you know that some repurpose certain fruits for smoking cannabis?! More on that in a future blog!

Looking for premium cannabis genetics? Bread is the perfect place for you. Our bakery inspired menu boasts beautiful trichomes and terpenes by the loaf. Checkout our catalog, and feel free to reach out to us via our contact page, here. We look forward to hearing from you!