Top 3 Experiences To Compliment With Cannabis

We’ve always looked at cannabis as more of an experience than an accessory. Sure, there’s the stigma of its typical contributions to a good time. But what if there was more to this plant than its many preconceived notions? From our perspective, this looks to be the case!

Several cannabis users report anecdotes of the wonders they’ve found with flower. You may want an ultra stimulating indica that slows things down to your preferred pace. Or is it your creativity craving the boost it gets from a well hunted sativa pheno? Either way, cannabis offers a world of varying opportunities to explore your relationship with it.

A Note On Responsible Use

Before we continue, it’s important that we stress responsible use of cannabis. We appreciate this miracle crop as much as the next enthusiast. Yet, it’s still good to always exercise responsible judgment. We’d rather you be safe and have fun than any lesser alternatives.

Cannabis & Music

One of the greatest pairings ever introduced to mankind is that of music and cannabis. Anyone who has experienced the combination knows how transcendental of a moment it can be. What may be a casual instance any other time, becomes something different entirely.

Many users report having their listening experience enhanced after indulging in cannabis. Melodies and licks that they never noticed before come front and center. They become enveloped in the baseline and drum pattern. Lyrics take on new meaning, with all of the artist’s easter eggs on full display. A fun time, indeed!

Meditation and Marijuana

We all need to clear our heads sometimes. In a world where instant gratification is at every turn, it’s easy for our serotonin levels to max out. This is the hormone that dictates our emotional responses, among other biological reactions.

We’re also leveled with so much information, and more people than ever are reporting bouts with anxiety. Many note that certain strains assist them in calming this sense of dread. Your peace is everything. Studies show that stress levels directly correlate to the  overall health of one’s body.

A Toke Before the Gym?

Speaking of health, one of the best ways to take care of your body is with physical activity. Staying active keeps the body strong, which is necessary for a long, healthy life. Imagine, then, how we felt the first time we heard about adding cannabis to a workout regimen?!

It’s true! Some are noting that they enjoy a quick indulgence before hitting the gym. Anecdotal reports note a positive impact on endurance and focus. We can’t stress enough to exercise the utmost care when attempting this. If you’re a novice user, or don’t function well on high THC strains, this may be one to sit out.

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